Condor Belts


Condor Auszeichnung

Our History

1971 Foundation (Condor leather fashion/production of watch straps)
1977 Construction of a new company building
Founded in 1979 (Condor belt)
2008 Change of ownership and management
2012 Move to Daffingerstraße 10, 4600 Wels
2021 "Leading Austrian company" service seal

Society is becoming increasingly reliant on machines and artificial intelligence, to handle complex tasks, leading to a decline in manual craftsmanship skills.

It's important to maintain an appreciation for craftsmanship skills while also leveraging the opportunities that digitalization and automation provide.

There was once a time when craftsmanship was held in high esteem.

Gürtel Condor


when it comes to the meticulous processing of high-quality and delicate materials such as leather.

Treating organic materials in a natural way was just as much a given as the precise manual production of noble and beautiful objects, whose idealistic and material value increased with the marks of use.

Today, there is a renewed commitment to this tradition; there's an understanding of the importance of skilled and labor-intensive processing for first-rate quality, durability, and timeless design in utilitarian objects and accessories made from genuine leather.

Gürtel Herstellung Condor

And it should stay that way

What may seem at first glance to be an anachronism, upon closer examination, even in the age of anonymous production lines, proves to be a well-founded path with a future: leather crafting is an artisan craft.

Only those who know the little secrets and traditional production techniques of artisanal mastery can venture into the selection and processing of leather with good knowledge and conscience. The originally organic effect of the highly sensitive material, and thus its extraordinary appeal, remains visible and tangible in every part of our high-quality products.